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Authorization Instructions for Final Cut Pro

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STEP 1 : Launch Final Cut Pro. Click the Generators button on the bottom right to open the Generators browser. Then hilight PowerProduction in the list of generators.

Open Generators > Martini QuickShot


STEP 2: Drag the Martini QuickShot icon to your FCP timeline.

Select FCP Sequence


STEP 3: Select the Martini clip in the Timeline, and in the upper right of FCP Click the Generator Tab. To launch the Martini interface, click the checkbox called Edit in Martini.

Edit in Martini


STEP 4:Fill out the Online Registration Form that appears. Copy and paste your serial number into the bottom edit field. Make sure it’s exactly as shown in your email. Click Authorize.

Fill out Registration to Authorize


A dialog box will appear to indicate the success of your authorization.

Authorized OK


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