Martini Storyboarding Plug-in

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Launch Instructions for Media Composer

STEP 1 : Launch Media Composer. In the Project window, open the Effects tab. Click PowerProduction Software on the left side. Choose Martini QuickShot on the right.

Launch Avid Media Composer


STEP 2: Open the Effect Editor window either by clicking the effect mode button or using the Tools menu > Effect Editor.

Open Effect EditorOpen Effect Editor


STEP 3: Find an space in your timeline and drag the Martini Quickshot icon from the Project window to launch the plugin. Or click Open Martini QuickShot to launch our post-visualization plugin.

Fill with Martini


STEP 4: The Martini QuickShot application will open. Create your post-visualization project and hit the spacebar to add it to the Martini Sequence Window on the right.

Launch Martini


STEP 5: Click the AVID icon on the bottom right of the Martini plugin. Save your post-viz project and Send to Avid Media Composer.

Send to AVID Send to AVID


STEP 6: The Martini QuickShot Sequence is now available as a filler in your Avid Timeline, ready for playback in your Media Composer project.

Martini Sequence in Avid Media Composer

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