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Authorization Instructions for Premiere Pro

STEP 1 : Locate Adobe Premiere Pro on your Mac or Windows machine. Launch the application by double-clicking on the Adobe Premiere Pro application icon:

Launch Premiere Pro

STEP 2: Within Adobe Premiere Pro, open the File Menu. Launch Martini by selecting New > Martini QuickShot Project...:

Launch Martini


STEP 3 : Fill out the Online Registration Form that appears. Copy and paste your serial number into the bottom edit field. Make sure it’s exactly (including CaSe) as shown in your email. Click Authorize.

Double-check your serial number if it does not instantly return an authorization after filling in the form.


Note for Customers without Internet: Click the No Internet button at the top right of the dialog box. To authorize by phone or email, call or email us and provide the Add# and Version# shown. We will give you the Authorization Code; copy this into the bottom edit field. Click Save. You can disregard the remaining steps.

No Internet Button


STEP 4 : A dialog box will appear to indicate the success of your authorization.

Thank You


STEP 5 : The program is now ready to be used. We hope you enjoy using Martini QuickShot Creator, the Postviz Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro!

Martini QuickShot Creator


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